Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Weekend Getaway

This weekend I was given the privilege of coming to a friend's beach house. Until arriving, I really wasn't too sure about what the trip was going to entail or even who was going. On the way there we rode in the lap of luxury watching DVDs and laughing together. Then we pulled up to the palatial beach front estate. Soon more friends arrived. To my joy and expectation the other guests were young, handsome, and incredibly well dressed; all outgoing and optimistic about the upcoming weekend activities. I kid you not, out of nearly 40 people, every single boy, girl, man and woman was incredibly good looking. Well, one guy was on the border of not being that great looking, but he was really funny which in turn made him appear much more attractive. We basked in the sun, played sports and games, ate like kings and got to know one another. I ended up staying an extra day for the simple fact that I was in no rush to get back to work, even though my job is fantastic.
So here I sit with a tan and a relaxed smile on my face. I guess the moral to this tale, is that life is good. Especially when all your friends are beautiful and nice, and all of their friends, who are then mutually your friends, are also beautiful and nice. Oh and also, possessions and experiences are more fun when you share them, and carefully respect one another.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Greatest Blog Ever

I realized something this weekend... I have the greatest life ever! And thus, since a blog is a documentation of one's life, this is going to be the greatest blog ever. I kid you not. Bookmark this blog if you desire to read daily excerpts from a life so incredible that you will pee your pants. Ok, not a believer, check it: I travel all over the world, all the time. All of my friends are beautiful and talented and I have tons of them. I work an awesome job and make loads and loads of money. I am well read and well educated. I am an amazing athlete and compete in events such as marathons and triathlons all the time. I know multiple languages and have friends all over the world. But most importantly, I am a good person who is very humble and giving. I truly believe that we are called to love everyone, and I don't let my awesomeness alienate me from anyone, even when people feel intimidated by me, which is pretty much all the time.