Friday, February 24, 2006

We Just Don't Get It

I feel like going on a tirade. I feel like starting a revolution.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pretty Egocentric

I really have no theme for this post. I'm just trying to write as often as I can get myself too so that when I finally go public there will actually be a substantial amount of material to see. Also, I'm going to start chronicling my past every once in a while. I change my mind about what I want this site to be every time I write, but how about this: I'll trade you one egocentric dip into my life for one diatribe about whatever I feel like diatribing about. Who am I kidding though? Half the time I can't stand what I've written the next day, so why would I think that someone else is going to want to read it. Please don't think that this is because I'm not smart or because I don't have any good ideas, because I do. I've got plenty of them. I'm just too lazy to take the time to really think them out.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tim Keller is a Genius

If you are pursuing Christianity as a lifestyle or if you just want to hear what this whole "Jesus" thing is all about, or if you just want something entertaining to listen to on your Ipod, go here . The pastor of this church, which is in New York City is called Tim Keller. He really is an interesting dude.

Download a couple of these and see what you think.