Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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**Update - Kevin Sites just did exactly what I want to do. For the last year he's been traveling to conflict zones and video blogging his stories for Yahoo. I want to do the same thing, minus the war. His site is called Kevin Sites In The Hot Zone and it is rad. I've gotta get in contact with him and hear his words of wisdom.

***Update 2 - They even list his gear on the site. The computer/sat phone combo are nice, but there are even smaller cameras on the market now that shoot to hard disk, so that you don't have to carry a bunch of tapes. 


I'm not a techie. I'm a filmmaker with a lot of technical experience, but I run on intuition, not manual-smarts. So trying to put together the perfect professional high-definition all-in-one travel filmmaking and web-broadcasting package is no simple feat.

My plan is to get a very small HD handycam, perhaps a wireless mic that inputs through 1/8 inch, a Macbook Air equipped with Final Cut Pro Studio and a little USB antenna that picks up high-speed internet through cell phone towers.

If I'm really going to do this, traveling around the globe, making videos, editing them and uploading them from various countries, my kit needs to be very light weight and yet still pack the professional punch that I get using all my big bulky equipment at home. Here's a look at some of the stuff I'm looking at purchasing:

Compare that to what I brought when I shot the documentary in Brazil in 2006.

And then here are my two favorite videos from the Liberation Commission Video blog, the first one was shot on my little 5 mega pixel Sony Cybershot digital camera, just a point and shoot with a video option:

The second one was shot in HDV using a Sony HC1 video camera, shot on mini-dv tape:

The first one was shot at a resolution of 640x480 and the second at 1440x1080, but they're equally awesome. That's the power of editing and good music. I think I took both of the tracks from the Rushmore soundtrack actually.


crackers and cheese said...

Awww, I miss the liberation commission! Wow, June 18th, 2007, it's the one year anniversary of Camdentown!

Sarah Kendel said...

i miss those videos too! Its getting me excited... maybe i'll have to do some video blogging myself.. finally take full advantage of this ol mac