Monday, June 30, 2008

Montana to Wisconsin

Greetings from the middle of Montana, driving East on highway 13. Montana is massive. I really should have looked a little closer at the map before deciding to make the drive from Kalispel to Minneapolis in a day. We got on the road at 6:30am, have been driving diligently for 7 hours and we're only half way across the state. There was a stretch on highway 2 where the highway actually turned into a dirt road! And this is a major highway mind you. America is just full of surprises.

If big open country, full of grass lands and free of oil dericks and telephone lines, is your thing, then Montana is your place. I get full of idealistic ideas about patriotism and environmental splendor when I drive through a place like this, nevermind the anti-meth ads painted on broken down vans as you drive through the little towns. Those plains, that's God's country.


crackers and cheese said...

Sounds awesome. Pictures please? Did you see the glaciers?

Martha Elaine Belden said...

yeah... montana is a place i really want to experience at some point.

Ben said...

I haven't commented lately because you make me so damn jealous I want to bang my head against the wall.

You are right about the plains. It is impossible to make them make sense to someone who hasn't been there and who doesn't understand already. They are so big, so lonely, so lovely in their desolate way - I miss them.