Saturday, July 05, 2008

Time To Take Things Seriously

Originally, I started writing here to keep my mind in shape, you see, I consider myself a writer first and foremost, before anything else. If you were to look back through the archives of this blog (not that you ever would), you would even find many short stories that I posted here just as an exercise. But the time has come to take this whole blogging thing a little more seriously, specifically, the video blogging thing. My plan is to get a dedicated domain name, you know, "something".com and set up my video blog again so that it is subscribable through Itunes. I'd also like for my Youtube name to match whatever my main website is, so that it will be less confusing. Then I'm going to make a serious run for travel-video blog stardom.

When I get on Youtube, it is nearly impossible to find what I'm looking for. The Lone Filmmaker and Overlander are pretty good, but there is just nobody backpacking the globe, shooting, editing and telling a coherent story while on the road. At least not that I've found. So I'm going to fill that role.

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Jessica said...

Sounds exciting! I'll be looking forward to it... :)