Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bhutan Majestic

Bhutan Majestic Travel is treating me like royalty. Everyone walks slow here, talks in a whisper, no one honks their horn, the water is clear, the mountains are tall and green and the air is clean. Now I can understand why it costs $250 a day to be here.

It wasn't just dehydration, although I did get badly dehydrated, a fact which I'm reminded of a few times a day when fireworks go off in my brain. But I also got a stomach bug. It's either a virus or a parasite, because it's been plagueing me for 4 days. I think I'm recovering now, but it's been miserable. Today I decided to power through it and hiked with my guides from 8,000ft to 10,000ft to Dragoness monastery. We weren't the first ones on the mountain, but we were the first ones to reach the monastery, a good sign that I have my strength back.

Tomorrow I'm in Bangkok, Thailand. I went ahead and booked the absolute nicest hostel I could, spending a whole $12.00 a night, which is going to make Nathan furious, since he paid more like $2.00 for his rooms. But they have free wifi, AC and I need to recuperate.

I'm loving it, but I can't even comprehend how people do this for an entire year.

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Namgay Dorji said...

Hi Anton,

I hope all well at your end and your travel is memorable and enjoyable without any hassle and trouble on your way.
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