Thursday, August 14, 2008

Japanese Magic Toilet

I absolutely LOVED Tokyo. Even though I was only there for a day, I did my best to explore the city. I went to the Shibuya crosswalk (from Lost in Translation) and even ate at one of those conveyor belt sushi restaurants. I plan to learn basic Japanese and live in Tokyo for a year at some point in my life.

Oh, and I pooped in this magic toilet:
Here's a link to the Facebook photo album.


heather hub said...

Japan is a stellar country...just stellar. I'm glad you enjoyed pooping in the magic toilet.

Welcome home! See you around!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow. you really did take pictures of yourself using a toilet. i can totally believe it... and yet somehow i'm shocked.

hope to see you tomorrow night at curtis's shindig. gotta get in a few more anton(io) hugs before you leave us for LA.

kyle said...

isn't that sort of like a women's toilet? what are those things called?

anyways... you pooped. that is documented evidence. anton poops.

this is funny.

on your next around the world in 30 days, i think there needs to be a side segment that is sort of a reference guide to international toiletry. like Frommer's for toilets.

Cara said...

I like Kyle's idea. You should also document what the different foods do to your bowel movements. You'd have at least one reader.

I ate at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant for my 21st birthday in Barcelona. I have a feeling the sushi in Japan was better.

I like this Japan part of your life plan, and I have no doubt that you'll do it if you really want to.