Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moving To California

After a rough first year of college at TCU, in the summer of 2002, myself and 3 friends moved to Los Angeles to do film internships. I was living off the UCLA campus and I fully planned on staying and enrolling there, but long story short, I never did. I came back to Fort Worth, fell in love with the city and finished my undergrad degree at TCU in 2 and a half more years. In the process I also did two summer study abroad programs and European backpacking trips, as well as a bunch of ski trips, all paid for with my student loans. When I graduated from TCU I immediately got a job doing commercial post production at a company in Dallas - I'm talking bottom of the ladder work here. I also directed a short film, shot a feature length documentary in the amazon, traveled even more and got an apartment in Dallas. I always knew that I'd go back to L.A. but I saw all the work I had in Dallas as a great way to get experience in the film industry in a small market where the cost of living was low. I also got to be close to my family, who I love. So it was all very win-win.

In February of 2006, after quitting my job, shooting a TV show in Europe, getting another job and then quitting it, I decided to go into business with a fellow filmmaker and we opened up a small production company in Fort Worth called Double A Pictures. Using all the knowledge I had accrued, we were able to work very efficiently, producing good work with very low overhead, making good money and traveling all over the world doing it. Life was good. But I still knew that I was going to need to wrap things up and move to L.A. eventually if I was ever going to make movies. Don't get me wrong, I can make movies in Fort Worth. In fact, I have investors who are willing to give me tens of thousands of dollars to make movies in Fort Worth, but there's of course more to the story.

My best friend Ben, moved out to L.A. shortly after graduating from the film program at TCU. He quickly made friends with an amazing group of people, who soon became my friends, even though I only saw them when I came to visit once or twice a year. But these people have become some of the closest friends I've got. My friends in DFW are very important to me as well (Martha, you especially know this), but there is just something different about my L.A. friends. They seem to cling to each other. I don't even think they really notice it, but it's beautiful. Then one other thing happened. I found a home at a church called Reality L.A. Most of my friends happen to go there as well, but after 3 years of searching, I knew within five minutes that it was my church and I can't wait to be a real part of it's body.

All hope is not lost though. I still love Fort Worth, more than most people. In L.A. I will be selling a screenplay that I wrote that is actually about Fort Worth. I'd originally planned on filming it independently for about $100,000, but then it turned out really good and now I want 10 million. Is that so much to ask?

I'll be back one day I'm sure, but for now, L.A. will be my home.


Jessica said...

We can't wait to have you. :)

And I need to hear your UCLA story!

kyle said...

I hope this doesn't mean the end of Deliberate Industries... even if for a while.

Good luck, Anton.

mirandaray said...

you're going to do great things. just don't forget about us here.

Laura Jo said...

I know you will do awesome in LA and make the $10 Million little bro. :) We will miss having you here full-time, but I am proud of you for stepping up and making your dreams come true. Love ya.

crackers and cheese said...

Wow. Best of luck in this! At first I was skeptical, but reading this makes it sound like LA will be really good to you :)

Kate Ousley said...

I am SO excited for you! I'm excited about your career opportunities, but mostly about your church! I hope you have a fabulous adventure!

I'll be prayin!


Martha Elaine Belden said...

love you, anton(io). we'll miss you... but i know you're not gone forever. even if you DO move away forever.

and if you don't come visit every once in again... i guess small-town marta-belle's gonna have to make a trip to big, bad LA ;)

go change the world... and make some kick ass films along the way. i can't wait to see what you accomplish.

Cara said...

Anton, I am so proud to know you. Because you're living my dream through travel, because you've written a freakin screenplay, because you've done more in seven years than many people do in a lifetime? Yes.

But even more I am proud of the person you are, the good you have in you, and the incredible things that you are capable of through your craft. Best of luck, Anton. I appreciate all the support you've given me as I've found a new church, and I hope to be just as supportive of you. Internet's bad here, but I need to call/email you more often.