Monday, August 25, 2008

So Surreal It Hurts

I arrived in Los Angeles, this morning at 1am. Exactly 24 hours later, I am sitting in a giant bed, in my room, in the biggest mansion you've ever seen. And just to be clear, I am not bragging. This house probably cost about 20 million dollars to build and I would guess costs about a million dollars a year to maintain. I'm here working on a show. There is a guy subletting my room in my apartment, so I just decided to stay here on set while I can. It's easier this way too, I can wake up just before my call time and not have to drive anywhere. On the other hand, I get tired just walking from one side of this house to the other. Really, words can't express how outlandish and extravagant it is. This place is owned by the founders of Rockstar energy drinks. A fact that you are reminded of constantly as you walk around the grounds, finding mini fridges stocked with 16oz cans everywhere, including outdoors, next to the giant pool.

Did I mention I'm here working with my __-_________? What about the 10 bikini models? No? Whoops, I guess I left all of that out. Oh, don't worry, pictures will come soon.

How do I go from working with orphan children in India, to sleeping in a giant mansion and filming a bunch of bikini models? The film and television industry is so unpredictable.

The Lord is good. I don't fully understand His plan for me, but I needed money and I have fun shooting this show. I'm really thankful, not for this mansion, not for the luxury, but for my friends out here, my church and for being able to do a job that makes me happy.


Nathan said...

haha. there is something beautiful and tragic about your situation. something that belongs in a screenplay because it's a bit far fetched for reality. it illuminates our much more subtle ideological contradictions while allowing us to laugh at ourselves for our betrayal is not nearly so extreme. mr. seim you lead a very bloggable life.

crackers and cheese said...

I agree with Nathan. If someone asks you, "Hey Anton, how's life?" you should answer, "Not bad, pretty bloggable, you know."

Stacy said...

very interesting ... can't wait to see pictures!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

what a (bloggable... thank you nathan) life you lead, anton(io).