Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunrise Over Angkor Wat

Today was a day of getting hustled. The bus from Bangkok to the border was fine. Then they dropped us off at a restaurant and asked for us to hand over our passports to pay more than necessary for a Cambodian visa. I refused of course but the 3 girls I was sitting with all handed theirs over, with cash in hand so I eventually had to do the same. After crossing the border, I had to pay an extra 500 baht to hire a taxi with a 3 other travelers, therefor cutting our time to Siem Reap in half. I took them to the hostel I had booked, easily the nicest in town, and low and behold there was room enough for them too. The same room actually. So here we are.

There is a pool here, free DVD rental, free internet, an incredible BBQ, and a tuk-tuk driver is picking up my friend and I at 5am. Angkor Wat should be quite an adventure. I'll have many pictures and video for you soon.

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