Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Current Accomodations

This is my work station at a nice little house in the Hollywood Hills that my boss let me borrow for the weekend. It's a great view and you can't hear the traffic (one of my biggest pet-peeves), so it's quite peaceful. But the drive to get up here is nothing short of harrowing. As if L.A. traffic isn't bad enough, after a long day you have to wind your way up narrow, pot-holed streets with hair-pin turns galore. But it's a nice view, especially at night. The picture doesn't quite capture it.


Kate Ousley said...

so fun tony! or...anton...i can never get it right! i'm glad the Lord is blessing you on this new adventure! have a wonderful week!


Lori said...

Lovely view indeed! I don't know what I'd enjoy seeing more: the city lights, or the stars. Can you see the stars from there or is there too much light?

Cara said...

Mm, I'll take your word for it.