Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keeping It Holy

My running schedule worked out perfectly this week. I ran about 5 miles on Tuesday, then about 6 miles on Thursday and was in the perfect condition to do about 10 miles today. I love running. When I run for over an hour I get the most intense runner's high. Endorphins flow through my brain, serotonin courses, dopamine flows, I don't know, something great happens and I feel like I can fly. If running made you feel that way would you not go out of your way to do it too?

Today I Googled "The best spots to run in L.A." and the first thing I found was the Hollywood Reservoir. I of course got lost driving there, taking Mullholand, the most windy, dangerous, poorly maintained, famous stretch of road in Hollywood.

I ran through neighborhoods, on trails and finally up a long, windy, paved stretch of road, reserved only for work vehicles and then blam, I was on top of the Hollywood sign. As I came down, there were two Argentine girls excitedly snapping photographs, a group of German men and a Lincoln Town Car, with a driver, full of Japanese tourists. I felt a little cool about the fact that these people had traveled half way around the world to take photographs of the place I go jogging.

But that's not the point of the story. The moral is this:

I can run up a mountain without stopping, run back down, pass my car and keep going because I'm in incredible athletic shape. I can't wait to sign up for some races and win them.


chirolks said...

Remember not to get too cocky--pride goeth before a fall. Glad you are getting to run though, Miss you! Love, Mom

Martha Elaine Belden said...

:) i like your mom's comment.

as i've said a brazillion times before (and will probably say many many more)... i miss you, friend.

Big Sis said...

Ditto both comments above. I love the runner's high too! Hopefully my back can keep handling my running. I'm not quite to an hour yet.

Lori said...

I envy your love of running. I have often begun, determined to enjoy it, only to give it up rather quickly. I have other ways of getting into and staying in shape that I enjoy much more.

Keep it up! And I hope that you really do win races. Run a Marathon! Don't stop there... run across a nation! (I personally would choose a very small nation, but I think that you should aim for something a little larger).

Elaine Clermont said...

i also highly recommend the tree people trails for a great run in the hills. (Mulholland @ Coldwater Cnyn)

Also, at the southern end of Reseda Blvd. is a wonderful series of trails, i loved biking up there.

oh, this post really makes me miss los angeles ... just not the traffic or the smog.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Cara said...

This is inspiring. I started running again about a month ago. I'm not at that one-hour mark yet - not even close. It'll take some time, but I'll get there.