Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mobile Facebook

I don't know if I've just been too busy, or if I've been too lazy, or just too addicted to my Iphone, but lately, I've just been snapping pictures on my phone and uploading them to my "Mobile Uploads" album on my Facebook page, rather than blogging.

It's just so easy, I see something interesting, I snap a shot and I press upload. Boom -- blogged. It's like a running stream of consciousness of the various things I'm experiencing at the moment.

Hopefully, I'll write some more traditional and substantive posts soon, but until then, enjoy my Mobile Uploads Facebook Album.


Lori said...

I tend to not visit my facebook page very often, but I am curious about your albums. There are so many times that I think I would like to capture a moment and write about it instantaneously, but I forget about it by the time I get home. You actually do that... how wonderful!

Perhaps I will become your friend and view your albums?

Anton said...

Yes, add me!