Saturday, November 29, 2008

March 1st 2009

Tomorrow morning I'll get up at 6am and head over to Brentwood to run 10 miles, down San Vicente to the oceanside dirt trail in Santa Monica. Then the plan is to run the Napa Valley Marathon on March 1st 2009.
When I ran the Stockholm Marathon in 2003, I didn't run with headphones, or train with music for the most part either, so the no headphone rule doesn't really bother me. Qualifying time for the Boston Marathon is 3 hours 10 minutes. Don't bother doing any calculations, just know that is VERY fast.


kyle said...

damn, and i was just about to create a runlist/playlist with just this in mind for you.

your willpower astounds me.

Cara said...

This is awesome, Anton. Best of luck with your training. Your willpower really is inspiring.