Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not A Post About Materialism

I'm not a big spender. By the time I graduated high-school, I had $14,000 in the bank, from a job where I made six dollars an hour. Don't worry, this money is gone - thank you TCU.  But the point is, I don't think we need to buy as much crap as we buy, and because I subscribe to this philosophy, I've always found it easy to save a little bit of what I make.

But, I make some exceptions. I've always said if I wasn't a filmmaker, I'd been an urban planner and if that fell through, I'd be a fashion designer. Therefore, fashion holds a special place in my heart. I don't go overboard, but I don't mind spending a little bit up front, to buy clothing I'll wear for a long time. I'll also spend money on good food. I mean, we are what we eat, so if we eat cheap crap, then, well, guess what we will eventually become - a big, cheap poo-poo.

And then the one other thing that is becoming my greatest expense, or investment, depending on how you look at it - film and editing gear. In the last few weeks I've purchased a new Macbook Pro (for the improved video card), a Wacom tablet (because it's more comfortable and feels like a magic wand), a new printer (deal with the Macbook),  and yet another Terabyte hard drive.
(The new Macbook is waiting at my apt. in L.A.)
I've also purchased my first pair of Cole Haan dress shoes, the Caldwell model, because they're timeless and dapper. I could rant on and on about the importance of timeless fashion, but instead I'll let you see for yourself. I believe they're discontinuing this model as well, which is quite sad.

Not that I'm going to wear these with jeans, but I could.
(The ever important over-the-top view)
And I've resurrected this pair of purple Adidas Oregons I bought at a vintage store in London in 2003. Because everyone needs a touch of neon every once in a while.

So that's that, a post about nothing substantial, with pictures.


christina said...

whose dog?

Anton said...

That is Stinky. He's a wire-hair dachshund, about 11. I raised him and now he is spoiled by my parents.

Cara said...

The technology stuff doesn't mean as much to me.

Love the shoes.
Love the shoes.

I too do not mind spending money on: food, clothes (but only on the rarest of occasions), music, and travel.

The shoes look great from your POV, which I know is important to you.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

lovin' the dapper shoes, anton(io)

very you :)