Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Take a Stand Against Stress

No matter if I voted for McCain or Obama, my conscience was going to be nagging me, I was going to keep it to myself and I was going to be embarrassed about my decision. But then with a little encouragement from my mom and after checking Ron Paul's website and watching this video in the parking lot of the polling place, I decided to take a stand for what I believe in, and take a stand against stress.

I voted for Ron Paul for the U.S. presidency and I feel damn good about it.


Justin said...

i probably should have done that.

Cara said...

I'm glad you feel so good about your decision. I didn't feel much of anything as I mailed in my ballot, and I didn't feel much of anything last night. Perhaps there's something wrong with me. What can I say? I just really liked Ron and Hilary and could never make it past the primaries.

calvinswagon said...

When you listen to Ron Paul you are listening to a person who is simply being honest. In a pure way. Calling it like it is. Although almost too much so because I don't think he'll ever get anything actually done because politicking requires you to get dirty and make compromises. I'm happy you feel good about your decision and I'm happy that Obama is coming in. Not that I think it will happen but wouldn't it be amazing if he brought Ron Paul on as some kind of economic adviser? Sigh...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you threw away your vote man, I mean really ? Why not just vote for Nader ? If all of you schmucks who voted for Ron Paul would have voted for Obama in Texas, he would have taken Texas. But I guess people have to be different from everyone else, for the sake of being different.

Surely you must have not been listening for the toilet flushing sound that was made when you hit that red VOTE button.

You took a stand against nothing, but thank god the rest of the country was smart enough to vote for someone who actually had a chance in hell, instead of being a dumbass and voting for the ice cube in hell.

Anton said...

To Anonymous (guess you aren't as proud as you think you are):

Read this: http://www.patrolmag.com/times/922/how-shall-we-then-vote

First, you are a negative person and it's something you need to work on if you want to be a happy person. Just be glad that the person you wanted to win did. I didn't want Obama to win, I don't know why you would assume I did. I also did not want McCain to win. How is voting for the candidate I DID want to win throwing away my vote?

I believe America is fundamentally a great Republic, based on the 3 documents it was founded on, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as Amendments 8 - 27.

You can call me a dumbass if it makes you feel better about yourself, but by the sound of it, you don't feel good about yourself. Just go be happy man, I don't know if you heard - Obama is our president.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i think someone needs to calm down and maybe hug a carebear or something.


cheer up, anon. as anton so astutely brought to your attention... your man won. don't you think it's time to stop with the attacks?

Laura said...

Good for you for voting. Did you know that after blacks were allowed to vote for the first time, they still had to pay a polling tax? And why did it take so long for women to be able to vote? It is so important for each American to have a voice -- and Voting is a huge part of that voice. So I am proud of you for voting for what you believe in!

mirandaray said...

i know this wasn't the point of this dialogue but "hug a carebear" sounds like a euphemism for "go smoke a joint". the thought made me laugh anyway.

anton, i liked your choice. it sounded like it brought you peace, and that's always the right answer.

Anonymous said...

give me a break people....I am as happy as I can be, the point is Ron Paul had no chance at winning, he wasn't even on the ballot in most states.

I like Ron Paul, just as much as you do my friend. I think he is a good and just guy. But exactly why didn't you want Obama to win ?

What was it about his policy that you found so bad ? i'm curious because Ron Paul and Obama are cut from the same cloth.

I hate to be the one who tells you this, but yes you did throw away your vote. Its people like you who lost Gore the election by voting for Nader, same thing with kinky friedman and got us into this mess in the first place. If this election had come close like that one. I'm sure you would have felt like a real dumbass and I would be pointing the finger telling you so.

You didn't learn from 8 years ago that you don't vote green or independent, most of the time those guys are funded and supported by either the Republicans or the Democrats covertly to draw away votes from the main candidates, and every dumbass who votes for them, is nothing but a sucker in my eyes. you didn't do the research, you didn't listen to the speeches. You waited until the last minute to do so, instead of being involved in the politics of this country from the get go. You made the second poorest decision you could have. I doubt ron Paul was supported or funded by either party, but he is a Republican, and their time is over for a long time to come. Bush fucked us so bad, I doubt the Republican party will ever recoop from it.

I know from working in the field, that they are dirty people, they cheat lie and steal elections. I saw it first hand in some of the local races in Colorado and Indiana. I have seen the dirty tricks they pull, and the democrats who stand by and just let it happen. They can't win fair and square so they cheat and steal, as we saw with both 2000 and 2004 elections. They are STILL doing it ! Wake up and smell the starbucks Anton. Your world view is very very narrow, despite all the traveling you might do. The only people who voted republican are people with money who are terrified about "the redistribution of wealth" and those people make me fucking sick to my stomach. Think about it dude, all the McCain supporters you know, how many of them make below 200k a year ? Yea thats what I thought. They rest are jsut to stupid to know better.

By the way this is James Rhodes, and the only reason I put that as anonymous was because I don't have an account to respond with my name. sorry to be so harsh, but my friend I think its something you need to hear.

Anton said...

Points taken. Do I have a narrow worldview? Yeah, sadly, I'm human. No matter how much I read, how much humanitarian work I do, charity, how much I pray, I'm still a product of my upbringing, which is American, suburban, upper middle-class. I'm also a Christian, that affects my decision making for better or for worse.

Mind you, I've moved on from all of this. I'm actually damn proud of America for electing Barak. JM is a hero, I've gotta give him credit for that. Prez elect Obama doesn't have anything in his history to give me reason to pay him that kind of respect. On the other hand, he seems like a good man.

I not only listened to his speeches, I downloaded the transcriptions and read through them while listening. I've listened to my closest friends spout off the most outrageous rumors with no foundation in truth, no doubt spread by people who call themselves right wing. And I've also heard liberal friends praise Democratic ideas for purely emotional and non-logical reasons.

I do my homework and I study history. I see minimal good coming from Democrats or Republicans, I identify with neither. I stand by my decision and it doesn't end with my ballot.

All that said, I'm excited to see the change that a democratic shift will bring, especially where the environment is concerned.


Anonymous said...

the point you are missing Anton, and its surprising since you say you did all the research. Barack has said this time and time and time again. The race was not about Obama, its about us the voters, the people of America. We run the white house now, not the other way around. While McCain was more of exactly the same "papa knows best" mentality. Obama has given us the chance to lead ourselves, not be led by the person we elected to the office. To decide where we go from here, and how we get out of this mess we are in.

What most people never understood is that Obama has said time and time again he can't fix everything, it about us stepping up to the plate and taking control of the situation as a country not by president who tells you whats best for you. This is democracy at its finest and not the republic to which you refer.

I have to say I am disappointing in your decision. But I understand the republican propaganda machine, and understand how you could have been swayed. That article you sent along is a real red flag my friend. As you know, especially being a baptist, the religious right wing is a force to be reckoned with, and have swayed many elections in the past decade or more. People like Falwell and Haggie are a poison to all of those who are right and just Christians. I believe in God, but church has no bearing on you love for him. I won't go into my full view on organized religion as I feel it falls of deaf ears, but
i will say there is a reason our forefathers separated church and state, and it is completely ignored by your religious leaders. Religion should have no place in matters of state and country.

The article you sent is propaganda from the right wing dipshits, who are taking orders from the GOP.

What you didn't see in this election was the massive effort in Colorado by the McCain campaign to discourage people from voting, once McCain figured out he wasn't going to win Colorado, they launch this onslaught, and I saw and heard the robocall first hand. Your article is nothing more more of the same propganda, and I'm disappointed you fell for it.

Now that isn't American and that commands no respect. BTW another thing to note about John McCain. He hired the same campaign manager as George W. Bush. This is the same man that spread a horrible lie about in the 2000 primaries about him fathering a black child, when it was a bold faced lie. He adopted that East Indian girl from Mother Teresa school in Bangladesh. No that does command respect, however hairing the same guy that smeared you horribly 8 years ago loses all my respect. It jsut tells me McCain's run for presidency was about ambition and not what was best for America, it tells me that he will put aside the fact that this main unjustly smeared him 8 years ago if it mean he has a better chance at winning. That my friend command no respect at all.

You may be asking yourself why I went off on this tirade with you. I don't hate you, and I'm not really attacking you, but I fear in my frustration I spit some fire at you, for that I apologize. But Anton I see ALOT of potential in you my friend, and I know you could be doing soooo much more with the opportunities given to you. You are young, and I am jsut trying to point out where you fall short in hopes that you don't find yourself in the same pitfalls again.

Yes you voted for that I am proud, i met alot fo people in my journey for the Obama campaign that couldn't have cared less either way, and THAT is very frustrating. So I commend you for the fact that you did make your voice heard. But I am dissapointed that you listened to your head and not your heart.

I watched you blog when you put up that pic about Obama cleaning up after himself. Honestly my friend, if you had voted for him based on that I would have been disappointed as well. I honestly don't see how anyone could have missed this call for change, and didn't take action. Its disappointing and make me realize real change is farther off than that I had originally hoped.

i wish you well my friend, I mean no ill will towards you, just trying to give you a different perspective in hopes that you will do the research and find the truth in my words.

All the best dude, congrat on the new laptop, I'm salivating but will wait it out for version 2.0

Take care

Elaine Clermont said...

me too ... vote my conscious that is. i voted for Cynthia McKinney, the Green party candidate. It felt good putting MY truth behind my vote!

and I also got to make history, a vote for a black woman for president. 2008 was a great election!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'