Friday, November 28, 2008

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

Filmmaking is and always has been one of the hardest endeavors a man or woman can take on as a ways to make a living. In one of the most encouraging acts I've ever seen for the sake of filmmaking, the legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog once ate his own shoe, so that he could get an audience to say the things he wanted to say to encourage his friend Errol Morris to continue and finish his film The Gates of Heaven.

"If you want to make a film, steal a camera, steal raw stock, sneak into a lab and do it." - Werner Herzog

Such a breathe of fresh air for me.

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Cara said...

This is incredible. I quite like Werner Herzog, and I'd love to see more of Morris's stuff. I've only seen Fast Cheap and Out of Control and his commercials. I wish more commercials were like his.