Monday, December 15, 2008

Broadcasting Their Christmas Cheer

Tammy Lane productions, friends of mine, are spending every day until Christmas filming a free and uplifting reality show and posting it for free on the internet. Joshua Colson, the 7 foot bearded wonder, who was featured in my own travel series is working 80+ hours a week to shoot, edit and upload a new video every single day.

As you may know, I spent summer 2007 and 2008 traveling through Kenya and India filming a TV concept called Mission Reality. A show that for lack of a better word, failed.
The show's creator, Tammy Lane, woke up one morning and decided to take about $100,000 and invest it into a production company and then take another $100,000 and give it to an orphanage in Kenya, take a few more thousand and buy a car for an orphanage in India, then give a bunch of good hearted film crew a few thousand dollars to fly around the world to film what she was doing and hopefully to sell a TV show based on the idea.

Two years later, they haven't made a dime. But they've done a lot of good in the world in the process.

All I'm asking is that you go to and watch a few of their Youtube videos. If you want to click on the "Donate" button and send them a few dollars, I'm not going to stop you, but I'm also not going to ask you to do that.

These are good-hearted Christian people, trying to show the love of Christ and absolutely emptying their bank accounts to do it.

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