Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Freelance Business Trip, Temecula, CA

They put me up for the work-week in an Extended Stay Hotel with a mini-kitchen and wifi. I enjoy trips like this because the solitude clears my head. You would think I'd be bored, but with 8 hour shoots every day and at least that much editing waiting for me each night when I get back to the hotel, I'm actually overwhelmingly busy. It's 3:30am as I'm typing this and I am supposed to start my shoot at 8am tomorrow. And then I have another edit that needs to be completed tomorrow evening as well. I'm being fueled by a fridge full of sliced turkey and bratwurst and actually feeling quite good considering the amount of work to be done.

I really had no idea what or where Temecula, California was before I drove down here for the week. What I've found is a once small Old Town, perverted by massive suburban sprawl and strip malls, nestled into a pretty valley and surrounded by vineyards.

They call this area The Inland Empire.

(This is a terribly boring update, I'm so, so sorry for it's lameness.)


crackers and cheese said...

I don't know how you do it. Keep a schedule like this and work yourself to death, that is. And run marathons. I'd love to have 10% of your energy!

crackers and cheese said...

In response to your Twitter, as a former Starbucks employee, I can tell you that as rapturous as coffee beans smell fresh out of the bag or in your grinder, the scent of coffee beans all over your clothes, hair, and flesh, is actually quite disgusting.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

haha... never boring, my friend.

you're never boring :)

Anonymous said...

Anton, only you and your cousins in Montana for weddings have the ability to go all day and night and then some.

I love the burbs, high efficiency homes that use less eletricity and gas should be a good thing for our environment versus the old homes that have terrible insulation and many cracks that cause more gas and electricity to be used to heat or cool the house!