Sunday, December 21, 2008

Punching Someone Out on Christmas

Today I went down to Old Town Pasadena, where there is a Patagonia store, to buy a Christmas present for a family member. It turns out that Old Town Pasadena is a really nice shopping area, almost an outdoor mall, so I just decided to knock out all of my Christmas shopping with a walk around the block. As I was walking down the packed side-walk, full of Christmas shoppers having a jolly time, to the tune of a Salvation Army bell ringer, much to my joyous surprise, a navy band of old gentleman, dressed up to the nines and armed with trombones and trumpets, began to play a truly beautiful rendition of "Winter Wonderland," when some young person in the crowd, exclaimed audibly, "Bah-HUMBUG!" Then again, the same thing. My Christmas-smile turned quickly into a Christmas, I'm-about-to-knock-a-fool-out.

I'm telling you, if I would have seen the words come out of that person's mouth, I would have reacted violently. Some days, I can't believe this is the world I live in.

I watched "Elf" with good friends this evening and ate homemade Christmas cookies to regain my cheer.


Christina said...

i'm watching elf this very moment! the best way to spread christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear!

crackers and cheese said...

Smilings my favorite :)

My word verification was "festedes," which sounds like a strange holiday.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

elf ALWAYS helps me regain my cheer :)

francisco... that's fun to say

mirandaray said...

i have episodes of "Christmas-I'm-about-to-knock-a-fool-out" too. (LOVE that.) Hot chocolate is my go-to cheerer-upper.