Thursday, January 01, 2009

All About The Adventures of Pete & Pete

I get fixated on things every once in a while. At the moment, I'm obsessed with the early nineties Nickelodeon television series, The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

This show, which started as a 30 minute special, ended up running for 3 seasons. Rather than bore you with the show's history, you can just check it out on Wikipedia if you feel like it. When the show began airing I was only 10 years old. I was a Nickelodeon junkie at that time and the show wasn't one of my favorites. Looking back, I think it just went over my head.

If you really crave some behind the scenes commentary on the show, here's a recent podcast Episode with the show's creators.

I'm currently contemplating watching a marathon of both seasons on Youtube. This user has created a playlist for every episode on season 1 and every episode of season 2.

...*it's been 7 days since I wrote all the previous text*

I was going to write an essay on Pete and Pete, but this is all I really need to say about it:

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a really good show and brings up feelings of 90's era nostalgia from my adolescence. The show is shot in a fairly timeless fashion, so it will hold up for the ages. I am going to make children's entertainment this good again.

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