Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Friends Made This

Clint Gage, Michael Truly and Nick Mundy (along with Clay Dzygun I believe), who collectively form the filmmaking sketch comedy group Team Tiger Awesome, made this video for Comedy Central's new web-branch Atom:

A lot of really talented people worked on this short, including the director of photography skills of one Jonathan Nicholas (who you will hear more about in a Deliberate Industries update later this week). If you look closely at the scene where chaos first breaks out, you might even catch my best friend Ben Grayson and I wrestling over a boom box.

While I don't think things would get apocalyptic if Oprah met an early demise, I'm sure there would be at least one or two murders and a funeral fit for a pope.

1 comment:

kyle said...

this thing is funny.

why do i hate oprah?