Thursday, February 12, 2009

New News

•I desperately want a Kindle 2. It's thinner than an iphone and can hold up to 1,500 books. I know this device will change my life in a way. Once I have it I will wonder how I ever lived without it, I just know it. Too bad it's $350+ and I'm trying to save money for my trip to New Zealand and Australia in May.

•I'm making a movie. You know that secret I've been alluding to? Well, the cat's out of the bag. Although I don't know how much more you'll hear about it, because unlike my previous projects, The Liberation Commission and Around The World in 30 Days, this time I'm going to focus on the project and not focus on documenting the progress. Maybe this way I'll actually finish what I start.

In fact, why not make a short list of things I want real quick, so maybe I can get it off my chest and relieve some of the desire to buy.

1. Yakima Bike Rack for my Saab 9-2x
2. Panasonic HPX-170 HD video camera
3. Pit Bull Puppy
4. Designer World War I style boots
5. Scuba certification
6. New Brooks Running Shoes
7. Digital SLR camera (Nikon, Leica, Canon, any of those)

It just took me 15 minutes to think of those 7 items. Really all I want to do is put all of my necessities in a backpack and go explore the planet, yet another reason I don't buy much.

10 days 'til Tahiti.


Rick said...

No puppies for a globe trotting,traveling man; just like women and children. Not fair to dog, friend, or yourself. Rent the experience.;-)

kyle said...

you're so blasted specific. Those things are really neat sounding. I know you and your friends have argued it before... but the kindle just don't feel right in me hands. besides how else am i supposed to show off all the books i've read to people i hardly know. it's one of the few ways to impress my keenness and eye for all things high class upon those unsuspecting. sure sounds economical though.

Ben said...

I think I will always be a resolute book Luddite. I read plenty of text off my computer screen every day, but there is still magic in holding dead tree bits in my hands and reading from them.

So, a movie? I like the sounds of that, though you could go ahead and roll out a touch more detail there. :)

The list of stuff sounds nice, though I don't know if I could make a list that long in 15 minutes myself. I do need new shoes, though.

crackers and cheese said...

A pit bull puppy? Really? All the other things sounds cool and very Antonish.

Yeah, announcing that you're making a vague movie was a little anticlimactic. I mean, you are a filmmaker after all, so I figured this was some sort of creative project you were hinting about. I'm with Ben - could we have some more hints about what this movie will be about or what the production will entail? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the original Kindle for my son and he loves it but now I wish we had the new one. :-( He's happy with the one he has though. We got the Oprah discount so it was 300 vs. 350 but still expensive!