Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Updates on Anton from January 2009

•I wore a dressy vest and tie the other night and it felt oh-so-right.
•I love my church in L.A. more than I ever thought I could love a church.
•I'm going to Tahiti to shoot a TV show February 22nd through March 1st.
•I'm probably putting all my stuff in storage at the end of April and thus moving out of my apartment, my 13th move since college.
•I'm going to New Zealand on May 5th and coming back to L.A. via Sydney, Australia on June 5th.
•Other secret.
•I'm going to Matt and Rachel's wedding on June 13th in Fort Worth, TX.
•I'm going to Emily and Greg's wedding on July 4th in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
•When I eventually make it back to L.A. I'm probably going to need a new place to live.

This update is boring without revealing my secret. I'm bad at keeping secrets so I'm just going to sign off here. Thanks for checking in every once in a while. I'm looking forward to writing again - love you.


christina said...

Sydney to LA? That's a risky flight! Hope you're not flying Oceanic...

Laura Jo said...

Miss you here in tx little bro

TheLoanDude said...

Why don't you just fly straight from Sydney to DFW Airport and thus saving you a flight from LA to DFW?? That'd give you an extra week in the F-Dub!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i suck at life and blogging lately. sorry i've been so absent. looks like your life is as exciting as ever though... so i imagine you haven't had time to miss my insignificant little comments :)

so glad you're so happy, my friend. miss you as always.

word verif: ablasion... love that for some reason.