Saturday, March 28, 2009

The First Feature To Be Shot Entirely On a Digital SLR

About two years ago, while I was producing the Liberation Commission Video blog. I was forwarded a link to another video blog about two guys who had bought an ambulance and were taking it on a road trip across the country. The producer of the vlog was Andrew Disney, a filmmaker who had just graduated from the NYU film program and who was originally a Fort Worth local. Eventually I got to meet Andrew in Fort Worth and I've been following his filmmaking exploits ever since.

A few days ago Andrew posted a video on his Vimeo page, of some test footage using the new Canon 5d Mark II, shooting RAW video on a digital SLR. Through the new blog that he confounded with his business partner Tyler Kitchens, called Patathread (their company is called Patahouse), he told of his excitement about the development of this new camera system. The test really excited me, especially because Jonathan and I had been discussing the possibility of using the same camera for our movie in New Zealand. And then, just a few days ago, Andrew released the teaser trailer for his upcoming feature film Searching For Sonny, shot beautifully on the Canon 5d Mark II.

Searching for Sonny - Teaser Trailer/Canon 5d Mark II Feature Film from Andrew Disney on Vimeo.
The teaser is masterfully executed. If you're a fan of Wes Anderson's films, you might notice some similarities in the use of the character titles and symmetrical framing (of course this style could also be attributed to the earlier films of Michael Powell).

It's great to see one of my contemporaries excelling in the new digital cinema medium. And it's especially exciting that he's chosen Fort Worth as the location of his recent work. I suggest that you check out his new blog Patathread, it's been one of my favorite blogs for a while and it's yet to disappoint. Look forward to more great work coming from Andrew Disney and his gang.


James Rhodes said...

It doesn't shoot RAW, it shoots H.264, for whatever its worth. Only thing that shoots RAW at this point are the RED cameras.

James Rhodes said...

oh and thats the Mark 3 or III not Mark 2, fyi

christina said...

awesome! tyler and i went through the design program together. it is super cool to see people back in fort worth doing noteworthy work.