Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick Update: Ten Days of Madness

The past week has been one of the busiest weeks of my career. I've somehow been doing four different jobs simultaneously. I can't hold a thought in my head at the moment, yet somehow, I can continue to do the work without mistakes. I have a feeling though, that once these ten days are over, I'm going to realize that I forgot to do a lot of necessary day to day things. For example, I know that I am out of underwear and that I am going to have to wear running shorts under my jeans tomorrow, because I haven't had time to wash any clothes. Truth is, I could hardly be happier. I love my work and it's a blessing to be so busy before my upcoming trip to New Zealand. I need to make all the money I can before I leave for that trip.

Today on the way to Rancho Cucamonga for an early morning shoot, there was a bad accident in front of me and the highway was completely shut down. The day before, it had taken me 40 minutes to make the same drive. This morning, it took me 4 hours to reach my destination. During the long drive I was able to think about a lot of things (I was also highly caffeinated). I even got an idea for my first essay, I think I'm going to call it The New Suburban United States: Where Dreams and Racism Go to Die - or something like that.

Stay tuned for the next post. I'm excited to share something of worth!

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