Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Weekend Work Adventure in Mobile, AL

This weekend I've been in Mobile, Alabama shooting a mother-son, father-daughter, husband-wife conference that my friend Travis is speaking at. I flew standby on Southwest starting on Thursday afternoon and was routed through Vegas, just barely getting pushed through the gate in place of a screaming woman running towards the terminal. She actually had a ticket, but she was late so she got bumped. We drove 3 hours the next morning to a campsite in Mobile and were directed to where we would be sleepng for the next few nights - a luxury bunk house above a large horse stable. My instructions for the weekend were minimal, just how I like them. Travis hired me to shoot video using 3 cameras, of a few skits and talks that he would be performing over the weekend. Set-up was minimal, so I just got to hang out most of the day sitting passively through the weekend events and just observing the patrons and making friends with the staff of volunteers. It's safe to say that Lower Alabama is the true South. And this was a fairly sophisticated crowd so I really got the best possible introduction to Southern culture. Each morning I woke up early and made my way to a large pavillion out on the lake where I would eat a steak sandwhich bagel, a cream cheese Danish and drink a couple cups of coffee. Then I'd head up a small hill I a large tent where my cameras were set up. Soon a blue grass rock band would come on stage and kick off the day with a mixture of orignal stuff and classical Christian worship songs. Then I'd shoot a couple of takes of the skits, shoot the talk, grab a barbeque lunch sittng outside in the perfect weather, shoot more skits and another talk, then head up to the house for wine and beer and boiled shrimp and deer burgers. My company was great, really sweet genuine people and cute girls. The whole experience was incredibly refreshing.

It's hard for me to believe that this culture even exists when I'm neck deep in my life in L.A. I'm really grateful to Travis for having me out for this event.

P.S. I just typed this out on my iPhone, I apologize for the typos.


Brandi aka B, Bran, b-roe, brando said...

sounds like an amazing weekend...makes me homesick for my southern home. glad the South made a good impression on you! safe travels back to the land of models.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

what a great experience! i'm happy you got to do this, anton(io)

i hope life is truly treating you as well as it sounds :)