Friday, April 10, 2009

"Grande Drip" - Short Film - My Homies!

Last August I was asked by my friend Greg Wilson, to lend some of my technical expertise on a short film they were shooting using the Red Digital Cinema Camera (I wasn't able to work on it because I was out of the country). After six months of post-production, they finished the film and it turned out great. It recently played at the AFI Dallas Film Festival where my buddies from Real TV Films got a hold of them on the Red Carpet and produced the following interview, which intercuts commentary with the cast and crew with A LOT of the actual film.

"Grande Drip" from RealTVfilms on Vimeo.
Grande Drip was produced by Greg Wilson and Emily Moss (who are soon to be MARRIED) ((Greg saved Emily's life on set, broke his wrist in the process, fell in love and now they will be together forever!)), directed by Angelo Salvatore Restaino and stars Jamie Martz, Matthew Walker, Velinda Godfrey and the one and only Garry Marshall.


Martha Elaine Belden said...

i wish i'd been able to see this. it looks so good!

vega said...

emily and greg will not be together forever. trust me.