Thursday, April 09, 2009

Traveler of The Month on

This month I have the honor of being featured on's homepage as "Traveler of The Month." I can't tell you what a fantastic company Lonely Planet is and how greatly I respect them - wait, yes I can. They are fantastic. Not to mention they buy my travel videos AND promote them. Thank you! Hi Rachael, hi Suzanne!

In case you would like to hear my sultry voice read my travel bio, click the video below!:

If not, just click the picture below and go to the actual site. Just scroll down and it's on the left, above that handsome little picture of me on the street in Jaipur, India.


Greg Beauchamp said...

That's awesome! I hear no sultry voice, wtf mate?

heather hub said...

wow!! anton, that such an honor and well deserved! i hope your movie shoot goes well in NZ. congrats on getting the actress. i love google else would i keep up with anyone???

kyle said...

ANTOOOOONNNNN! Hey. This is so very nice. I love that you've been featured, and I want you to know that I reckon you're a pretty dern good shooter.

One a dees days, there'll be a trip just between us. Mostly so's I can witness Mr. Lonely Planet in his element.

Too cool.