Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We've Been Camping

We spent yesterday at a stunning place called Milford sound, one of the most dynamic Fjords in the world. We'll be in Queenstown tonight and should have internet access, so I'll try and update with pictures. We only have one scene left to shoot in the movie, then a couple of pickups in Christchurch. Today is the 13th, we leave in the morning on the 17th, so four more nights. We've been sleeping in our campervan for the last 3 nights, which has been surprisingly nice. New Zealand is a great place, very good backpacking infrastructure, I really love it here.


crackers and cheese said...

I'm so glad that filming is going so well and that you're having such a wonderful time :) I look forward to seeing more pictures and seeing this film eventually!

Enjoy Australia!

Laura said...

Hey brother...can't wait to see some photos and read more posts. love ya! Laura