Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Lowest I Can Remember

For the past five years, I have lived the most fantastic life any adventure-loving man could ever hope to live. I've run a marathon in Sweden, gone canyoning in the Swiss Alps, visited long lost relatives in Norway, swam in the Amazon river, gone to La Tomatina in Spain, Oktoberfest in Germany, wandered for days through Amsterdam, gone on Safari in Kenya, given medical aid to victims of leprosy in India, visited the Taj Mahal, hiked to ancient monasteries in the Himalayas, fired a machine gun in Cambodia, visited the temples of Angkor Wat, taken the bullet train to Tokyo and SCUBA dove the Great Barrier reef. And that's just a portion of the traveling I've done. That's not even mentioning the wonderful people I've met along the way or the friends who've supported me or my family who I'm absolutely blessed by. I've lived exactly the life I've wanted to live I've been free and I've thrived and I've been happy.

There is a good chance that I'll be taking things more slowly this year. Some would say it was the choices I made, others might say it's fate or luck. I don't believe in any of that exactly, especially not luck. The word "luck" doesn't even make sense to me, it's illogical. I believe things happen the way they are meant to happen. If I round this corner and solve this current problem, having spent the last of my savings and dipped heavily into my credit. If some miracle bails me out, well then, that's the way it is and the way it was supposed to be. If not, if I have to take things slow for a while, I'm prepared to do it. I'm going to come out a better person next year.

I hope I get to continue to travel and live an adventurous life though, the excitement of survival in unfamiliar territory has become my equilibrium.

P.S. Traveling and making videos is my career. I took two months off to make a movie in New Zealand and shoot a pilot in Australia and it took a lot of money to do it, but it was an investment. I fully expect to be traveling for work again soon. This is a bit of a unique situation, but I tend to go into a bit of a depressed slump for about a week after returning from a high-intensity, long-term trip abroad.


Steve-O said...


You are truly a remarkable person, and I would like to encourage you to continue living life the way you choose to live it. If you keep doing that, you'll wake up one day and find that you have become the person you have always wanted to be.

Stay the course and stay strong, my friend.


mirandaray said...

anton, your life is unbelievable, and for some time i've been living vicariously through you and your blog. when do i get to see the movie?

crackers and cheese said...

Sorry you're feeling low post-return :( but I'm glad that you're able to rejoice in the wonderful life that you live! I pray that you will be refreshed during this time and that your spirit will soon be lifted.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

so wonderful to see you, anton(io). i hope it happens again really really soon. and just know, if you're stuck in boring ol' dfw for a few months... i promise, there are still adventures to be had.

i can't wait to tell you about saturday night after the wedding... it was unbelievable.