Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rough Intro To Show Pitch - "Backpacker's Guide"

Rough Cut - Opening Sequence from Jonathan Nicholas on Vimeo.

Jonathan Nicholas, our talented D.P., edited this together in Los Angeles. We're currently working on putting together a show-pitch using the footage we gathered from our trip to Australia. More to come soon.

(P.S. I feel like saying something in my defense, because this could easily appear narcissistic. There were two of us, one held the camera, the other was in front of it. It's that simple.)


kyle said...

This is freaking awesome... would love to hear your voice instead but.. man this looks great.

ps - nice shirt

Anton P. S. said...

The shirt! You made me that shirt man, awesome. I think the plan is to have me actually narrate it, but it's being editing in L.A. and I'm in Texas, so I'll re-record it later.

bridget. said...

i enjoy your blog. you do good things with your life.

Jessica said...


paperfingers said...

it is really weird seeing your face and hearing that other voice! looks interesting, keep us updated.

paperfingers said...

p.s. paperfingers=christina, i'm not on blogger anymore so my profile isn't showing up.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

anton p.s. hahhaha! awesome.

this looks really great. i'm joining the chorus of "we need your voice" (not that this jonathan fellow doesn't have lovely voice... just seems more fitting since we're lookin' at you, kid)

but i'm excited to hear how everything pans out :)
you're great.