Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Greenest Metro - Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is without a doubt, one of the world's great cities. It's one of those European cities built over the top of an original medieval infrastructure and as a result it's very dense and compact. Throughout the years, new, modern city-planners moved in and continued to develop the transportation, business and residential infrastructure, then came the Olympics in 1992, breathing further economic development into the city. Barcelona has a metro, bus system, both intra-city and national, trains connected with all of Europe, great roads, an outer highway, bike-lanes within the city-center and even a light-rail. While coming back into the city via bus, I looked out the window and noticed something remarkable, the light-rail runs over grass! Urban environments, with masses of light-colored concrete raise ground temperatures, make ground water polluted because they limit the natural filtration of soil and leave little space for carbon-neutralizing/oxygen producing flora. This is why the grass-covered Barcelona light-rail tracks are a revolution. See for yourself:


Kevin Buchanan said...

The grass-filled streetcar/light rail tracks are starting to appear in a few places in Europe. Very cool idea. I've passed it along to Fort Worth officials for our own streetcar in places - though I'm not hopeful to see it actually put in place.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I have to smile though cause when I read this post and saw it had one comment I knew it was Kevin before I even clicked on it. :-)