Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One-Sentence Album Reviews

I recently purchased a few albums which I will review now in one-sentence each:

•"LP" by Discovery: Worth the money and will make you nod your head and possibly sway your hips.
•"Actor" by St. Vincent: Takes a bit to get into, mellow, almost somber, grows on you, cute but cynical. (Pitchfork 8.5)
•"Stockholm Syndrome" by Derek Webb: Beloved Christian artist and preacher, album deemed "explicit" by former label - poignant, new electronic sounds, possibly a Moog, only three songs in but already worth the $7.99.
"Un Día" by Juana Molina: Recommended by Radiolab and while I know it's good, I just haven't quite figured out how or where or in what context to listen to it.

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