Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back In Dallas For A While

Yeah, so I didn't write any posts during the drive from L.A. to Dallas. It was a miserable drive. I didn't get enough sleep the night before I left, got stuck in traffic leaving L.A., got to the motel East of El Paso at 5am and couldn't sleep in the morning. By day two I was exhausted. I think I drank the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee on the first day and was just a zombie behind the wheel on day 2. But I made it, I'm in Dallas-Fort Worth now. I actually turned down work on a major television show, for various reasons I may discuss later. I thought I'd be working on said show for the next six months, and now, I'm not. So I have six months available to do something else. Really, I have my whole life available to do whatever I want. And that is beautiful.

Ok, things will pick up soon.


mirandaray said...

When do i get to hear about New Zealand? you're getting behind.

Cara said...

I, for one (out of 344), am glad you're back in Dallas. What are you doing this weekend? Fox & the Bird on Friday. Church on Sunday. Hope to see you soon.