Friday, September 11, 2009

Further Evidence You Should Subscribe To This Blog

Yvan Rodic's photo blog is cool.

I believe that's him in the last pic. This is how I should have been blogging my travels all along. It's worth it to subscribe, just to look through the last few weeks of posts from Japan, Moscow, London and NYC.


Anonymous said...

Love the middle pic of you Anton. What ever happened to that tank top?

Anton P. S. said...

Ok, you officially zinged the crap out of me.

HOWEVER, I actually really dig this outfit. I would lose the purse, personally, also, I'm about 30-40 pounds heavier, with a muscular frame, most of which is located in my bulging quad muscles. SUCKA!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember you mentioning your muscular frame on a recent twitter post. But come on dude. We all know that's you.

Anton P. S. said...