Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wish List 1 of 3 (sports & leisure)

I'm not spending money on anything that isn't an absolute necessity for a while. This decision, just makes the temptation of buying things, all that more strong. Here are some of the things I'd buy:

Bamboo Series Longboard by Sector 9.My friend Clint, in NYC, had this board and I had a great time riding it around Central Park.

Fixed Gear Bike.

Neon Yellow Handlebar Wrap (for my bike).

Oh, there's lots more to come.


kyle said...

i don't know what it is about fixed gear bikes, but i can just not get into them. i don't get them at all, and i don't get why the sudden surge in popularity over the past couple of years has arisen. i get the simplicity in design, but man, constant peddling and no brakes?

i just don't get it.

i like the longboard though, wish i had more balance and nerve to ride one around the hills of downtown austin. :-/

Cara said...

Oooooh, I want handlebar wrap.

bathmate said...

I liked it.

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