Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wish List 2 of 3 (fashion)

I'm a skinny bloke, tall-ish and skinny, but muscular, with long arms, a short torso and ilproportionately (I made this word up) long legs, so I'm picky about what clothes I wear, because a lot of things that look good on the "everyman" just do not look right on me. So here's what's currently on my list:

1. Black sport coat (lightweight) - I like this one from the Spanish company Zara, because European clothing fits me in a more "fitted" way.
2. Black and white striped shirt to wear under a black sport coat (although I would not wear it without the coat).
3. Solomon Trail Running Shoes (although I would never actually wear them to run in, (far too bulky)) - to wear while on set. I've had 3 pairs of these shoes over a 6 year period. Each pair lasted about 2 years, being worn most days of the year. 4. Diesel Jeans. (not pictured) I've had two pairs (Zathan, and Zatiny models) over a five year period, and I've worn them about 5 days a week during that time (roughly 520 wears x two pairs of jeans). They each held up with no holes for about 2 years a piece - that's quality. My only qualm is that the denim material used is incredibly thick and does not stretch at all - this seriously limits my karate-kicking abilities and I'm afraid that if I get in a fight while wearing them, I will be limited in my ability to vanquish my oponent. So I'm searching for a pair that is both high-fashion and somewhat stretchy.


Cara said...

1. Aw, I miss Zara, though I'm not sure I actually bought anything there while in Spain.
2. Love it.
4. Ah, good jeans are so hard to find. I like karate.

My word verification says, "biblesi" or, "Bible yes!" if you will.

crackers and cheese said...

1. and 4. Sports jacket and jeans on a man are one of my favorite styles. Work it Anton!

2. I have a shirt almost identical to that one, except with a scoop neck. I originally bought it for a pirate costume, and now it's one of my favorite shirts, especially to wear with converse. I did a photo shoot a while back wearing that shirt.

My word verification says "bobsta," like if you have a friend name Bob who is in the mob, you might night name him that.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

::sigh:: i love you, anton(io)