Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wish List 3 of 3 (cameras)

I'm a cinematographer, but I haven't owned a video camera since the first Sony Mini dv camera I bought in high-school. It's just never made any sense to me. Camera technology has been changing monthly for the last ten years and I've never understood why there wasn't just a camera with interchangeable lenses that shot a RAW image, progressive frame, at a huge resolution, that you could just scale down in post. I've always just rented the cameras that I've needed, usually paying a couple hundred dollars a day, rather than dropping one-hundred grand to own one - that way I always got to use the latest and greatest camera. But now, with the release of affordable digital SLRs like the Canon 5D MkII (the camera we used on our movie More Than It Is), which shoot a progressive image in HD and use 35mm lenses, I'm in the market to finally own my own camera. So here is what I'm debating between:

1. The RED Scarlet. (somewhere in the $5,000 - $10,000 range with lens)
2. The Canon EOS 7D (about $3,000 with lens)
These cameras haven't actually been released yet and it looks like Canon and RED will be duking it out in October, trying to establish dominance in the video-capable Digital SLR category. If you love techy camera stuff, head on over to the DSLR Film blog (it gets my full recommendation) and read all about these cameras.

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