Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Wanna Get Dooced Here

Sending an email to the production office on my iPhone yesterday, not realizing that my gmail signature, with all of my contact info - Skype, Twitter, Blog, Youtube, would go out on the bottom; I accidentally gave my blog info to the Network producing the TV show I'm working on.

This is me officially saying that I won't write anything, anywhere on the internet about what I'm working on.

In other news, I've worked 57 hours in the last 4 days, and it looks like this is going to continue for a while, so I will not be updating every day (not that I'd been writing very faithfully lately anyway). However, when I do write, it WILL NOT be about the show (If you're reading this, hi Matt!).

Everything has been good, More Than It Is (short film shot in New Zealand) is in L.A., slowly being edited. I'm still living in Dallas. That's it for now. Talk to you soon.

1 comment:

crackers and cheese said...

It simultaneously delights and disgusts me to see that "dooce" is now a verb.

Good luck with the new job and congratulations :)