Monday, November 16, 2009

On Brain Development and The Quarter-Life Crisis

From Justin Childress's blog, Serious Is Easy:

Apparently our brains don’t stop developing until we are are twenty-six. I wonder how that truth manifests itself over the course of our development. Do you suppose it will be possible to look back at particular moments in time and pinpoint when our minds were finally able to comprehend the depth of some profound insight? Sometimes I think back about when I used to wear pants that were 16 sizes too big for me and wonder “Huh. So, that was an interesting move of past Justin’s part. I bet he could have gotten a lot of places much faster if his pants hadn’t been caught in a continuous cross breeze.”

It also seems to be true (at least anecdotally) that a lot of young adults have their first “life crisis” around the 24-26 age range. I wonder if that’s because we’re coming to all kinds of realizations that we haven’t been able to comprehend before. Maybe that’s why failure looms so largely for some people. Maybe they couldn’t ever really see it at all before. “Through the looking glass” and all that.

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kyle said...

this speaks a lot. a whole lot.