Friday, November 27, 2009

The Pied Piper Of Hützovina

Tonight I rented a documentary film called The Pied Piper Of Hützovina from Premiere Video in Dallas, TX. The film is about Eugene Hütz, the lead singer of the band Gogol Bordello. The film begins with filmmaker Pavla Fleischer, telling her story, about how she met and soon became smitten with Eugene Hütz, tracked him down and then followed him on his annual trek back to his gypsy roots through Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Siberia, where he plays impromptu gypsy music with real gypsies across the globe. The music is great. Eugene is fun. The story of Pavla's unrequited love is heartbreaking, yet, as a filmmaker, she's able to break through her own story and she unlocks the mystery of Eugene and his love of Gypsy Roma music and culture. The movie is a must see for any lover of music, travel, documentary and discovery.

I was fortunate enough to catch Eugene Hütz's band, Gogol Bordello when they played The Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. It was an incredible concert. Check out their upcoming world tour schedule here. Watch the movie The Pied Piper Of Hützvina.

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