Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Reads My Blog

I have regular readers in Sweden, India and all over the U.S. I don't look into it much, but every once in a while it's fun to see where people are coming here from. In the past, I've tried to post things that appeal to a broad audience, I have no idea why, I guess I thought this was something bigger than it is. It turns out, most of the people who follow me on Twitter and read this blog, are some of my closest friends. So I'm going to start acting like it.

Thanks for checking in on me every once in a while. Go ahead and leave me your blog if I may not have it, or email it to the address over on the right. More good stuff soon, including a couple very personal updates.


sam said...

Hi Anton, it's Sam from Dwell Deep! Love reading your stories and anecdotes. Keep 'em coming!

Anton P. S. said...

Sam, I'm honored to have you comment on my blog, thanks!

crackers and cheese said...

Hmm, did you find this out via your sitemeter? Are those free? That's really interesting. I wonder if I'm you're only reader in College Station :) I've come to learn that a more people read my blog than comment on it, so even when I don't get comments, it's encouraging to know that people are still reading what I write.