Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wisdom Of An Aging Man

Something that I've realized recently, is that success is generally going to be envied. I know I've been guilty of it, over and over again. I've realized something else though - the things that other people create are almost always going to be way different than the thing you create. I have no interest in making crime-drama movies, I have no interest in making absurdist comedies, I have no interest in making horror movies - the list goes on. So why would I waste my time being jealous of someone else's success, when the thing that's made them successful isn't even something I want to make?

Cormac McCarthy is a novelist who is sometimes described as reclusive. He wrote "All The Pretty Horses," "The Road," and "No Country For Old Men," among others. He's 76 years old and he's a pretty wise old man. I have no interest in writing the sort of novels that he writes. I do however, have an interest in writing novels. Our culture doesn't value eldership, but you've gotta realize that a 76 year old man, a very intelligent man, is going to have much more wisdom that this 26 year old man.

So read this rare interview with Cormac McCarthy (Wall Street Journal Online) if that sort of thing interests you. And if it doesn't, at least read this excerpt:

WSJ: When you discussed making "The Road" into a movie with John, did he press you on what had caused the disaster in the story?

CM: A lot of people ask me. I don't have an opinion. At the Santa Fe Institute I'm with scientists of all disciplines, and some of them in geology said it looked like a meteor to them. But it could be anything—volcanic activity or it could be nuclear war. It is not really important. The whole thing now is, what do you do? The last time the caldera in Yellowstone blew, the entire North American continent was under about a foot of ash. People who've gone diving in Yellowstone Lake say that there is a bulge in the floor that is now about 100 feet high and the whole thing is just sort of pulsing. From different people you get different answers, but it could go in another three to four thousand years or it could go on Thursday. No one knows.

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Anonymous said...

Love love love cormac macarthy! Loved the road. Scared to see the movie but likely will.