Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 In Pictures Part 1 of 3 (People)

Before I begin, let me state clearly that these pictures are by no means a comprehensive representation of the last year of my life. 2009 was the best year I've experienced thus far. While I did not travel to the most countries in 2009, I still traveled very much, thus the majority of my favorite photos are from my travels. These photos are not for bragging rights, they are simply for sentimentality and hopefully, your enjoyment.
CC and I took on a 2 month workout partnership and got in the shape of our lives.For two years, I grew out my hair to give it away to Locks of Love. It was 12 inches when I went to donate it.Jessica came along to document giving away my hair.This horrible lady ruined my hair. Two years of growing it out down the drain.
I was in shock.
But I was happy to have it short again, so I bounced back.
It looked pretty good.
Reid and Jessica were two of my best friends last year.
In May, 3 of us flew to Christchurch, New Zealand to make a movie.
Cherie was my main actress.
A girl named Beth, was in New Zealand working and agreed to play a role in our movie.
Milford Sound made a great backdrop for a scene in our movie.
Jonathan, Cherie and I wrapped the movie in about 10 days.
Jonathan and I flew to Australia. We met a girl named Edith, from France and we all rode bicycles down to Bondi Beach.
Clint flew to Sydney from NYC and met Jonathan and I and we all began traveling together.
We went to the outback and visited the Uluru (Ayers Rock) monolyth.
Clint and Jonathan had heavy backpacks. Jonathan also carried about 40 pounds of film gear.
I carried my bag, my computer and a little Pelican case of audio gear.
Allison, a friend of Clint's, came and met us and we took a sailing trip around the Whitsundays and dove the Great Barrier reef.
Jonathan wins the award for my favorite cinematographer of 2009.
I flew to Barcelona and stayed with my brother Grady and his wife Berta.
Grady and I went to Tarragona and walked around on a pretty day.
Grady and I went up to The Pyrenees and went hiking with his friend Oriol.On the way back from Spain, I flew through New York and stayed with Clint (same Clint from Australia trip) for a few days, and we longboarded through Central Park.
Clint and a few other TCU buddies now living in NYC and I went to a concert at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.I drove back and forth between L.A. and Dallas 6 times in 12 months. Driving West, the sun is in your face all afternoon.
More to come...


Jessica said...

I love this so much. And I made that picture of you, me, and Reid the background on my phone. Love you.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

:) i'm way behind. been a little... out of sorts... for the past month or so. but i'm playing catch up. and loving the pictures.