Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 In Pictures Part 3 of 3 (Things)

While in Tahiti, I had the opportunity to shoot my first real underwater footage for the TV show Get Out! The apparatus used in this picture is called SNUBA. You put a huge, very heavy helmet over your head, then air is pumped in from the surface, making the helmet buoyant. It's true that your movement is somewhat restricted - you're just walking across the sea floor, but SNUBA is cool for many reasons, your hair doesn't even get wet - you can even reach your hand up into your helmet to itch your face, while fully submerged.
The last few years have been spent shooting a staggering amount of video. It's become second nature.
This is my old apartment complex in L.A. (Studio City). While I enjoy living in L.A. and there are worse places. I can't say that I really enjoyed the aesthetic of my old apartment.
Here's our living room.
In 2009, I had a gig shooting online commercials for apartments all over greater Los Angeles. While the work was less than glamorous, it was incredibly lucrative and taught me patience behind the camera.
I convinced myself that I needed to put on 20 pounds to look like a "leading man" for my movie. So I took weight gainer and worked out for an hour and a half, 6 days a week. I got ripped. I also look like I belong on the cover of a romance novel.
I needed to get out of my apartment while writing the movie, so I house sat for my friends and spent a lot of time hanging out with their Boston Terriers.
This was our file-transfer station in our RV while we were in New Zealand. We would shoot all day and then transfer the HD video files while driving to our next location. It was a lot of work.
I got to fly on the A-380 from Sydney to L.A. It's currently the biggest commercial airliner. It felt like boarding a cruise ship and flew like a Lincoln Towncar.
While in Spain visiting my brother, we saw a full marijuana plant in a trashcan. This picture is definitely worth a thousand words.
I drove back from L.A. to Texas twice last summer and spotted this weird billboard. I'm sure the owner has good intentions, although they're sadly misguided.
Grady and I visited a few Medival villages while in the Pyrennes. It's hard to believe that these villages haven't changed for a thousand years.
The Genesis camera used to shoot The Deep End. I worked on the show for a month last September.
I left out a lot. On to 2010.

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sam said...

judging by these pictures, i'd say you had a pretty amazing year! underwater filming looks awesome.