Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brief History

After my freshman year at TCU, I drove to L.A. and lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Westwood with 2 other guys. I got two different internships, one at a production company and one reading scripts for a major Hollywood producer. I didn't know anything and I was confident in that. I'd been producing small videos since I was a kid, and while I had a grasp of the basics of filmmaking, I knew I was an idiot, I was young, and I was hungry for knowledge and experience. After that summer, I went back to TCU and completed my film degree, making countless student films, and fumbling my way through the filmmaking process.

After graduating from TCU, I began working for three years as an assistant editor at a post house in Dallas, during which time I took excursions to Central and South America, shooting mini-documentaries on humanitarian mission work and travel. After putting together a reel of my travel and documentary cinematography, I began working as a camera operator on travel-adventure TV shows and documentaries and over the next two years I traveled to over forty countries for work. In 2008, I started a production company and began producing commercial work in Dallas and Los Angeles. Which brings us to the present.

I'm currently based out of both Dallas and Los Angeles, traveling back and forth, shooting video, and directing both commercial and narrative projects. My short film, "More Than It Is" which we filmed in New Zealand last May, is nearing completion and will soon start a worldwide run of film festivals, with the hope of turning the project into a feature length film. Jonathan Nicholas (a talented cinematographer) and I also shot a television pilot in Australia and we are working to sell a TV show based on our backpacking experiences. Two-thousand and nine was an incredible year for me, as you can see from the pictures on the right side of this blog. I'm VERY excited for the future.



mirandaray said...

you MUST tell when/where i can see your movie. i'm getting impatient.

Kate said...

super exciting update friend! let me know if you'll be stopping by the cannes film festival and i'll make the short trip over to check out the film!

merry christmas!