Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prance Like a Man - Behind The Scenes

*Update: Watch the video

DJ antler and 'Lil hoof

This month Deliberate Industries had the pleasure of producing a very special video for The Richards Group's interactive team Click Here. I was recommended for the job by director Chris Smith of Sugar Film Production. All I was told was that The Richards Group was looking to make a funny video to send out with their Christmas card. When I went in for the meeting, Creative Director Brian Linder enthusiastically told me that the idea was for a Christmas-themed rap video entitled "Prance Like a Man" - he then began rapping the lyrics for everyone in the meeting. His enthusiasm got me pumped up along with everyone else involved. That very same day, composer Gary Parks of Pure Evil Music and Sound Design had already put together a beat and Linder along with Corley Roberts went into Gary's studio and laid down the lyrics the next day.

Corley and Gary lay down the track at Pure Evil Music

Once I had a rough cut of the .mp3, I sent the song to cinematographer Justin Kirchhoff of Digital Shakedown. He liked it so much that he agreed to shoot the video for us on his RED One Digital Cinema Camera!

Director of Photography Justin Kirchhoff, operating the RED

Justin was also the eye behind the "Alchemy" video I directed for Oink Art LTD.

First location: Dart bus stop off Ross Avenue

We began filming the video at 8am on December 10th, which turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year. It was 24 degrees outside when we started shooting. Justin's hands were so cold that he could barely operate the camera and had to wear my giant snowboarding gloves until he got movement back in his fingers (you can see one of the gloves in the above picture of Justin).

Stephen Rupp, a talented improv comedian (member of the Curtis Needs A Ride troupe), came on to play "Prancer" our surreal reindeer/human character. The Isotoner gloves he wore were his actual gloves and if you ask me, they absolutely made the character. The two lovely dancers flanking him were Dallas Mavs dancers Paige and Mallory, who came with their own Santa costumes! They BROUGHT it. They also did all of their own choreography - with the exception of the body-squeegee move I taught them (you're welcome ladies, that one was for free).

Stephen sans reindeer mask

On the day, Brian Linder "DJ antler" and Corley Roberts "Lil hoof" absolutely brought it, NASTY. They had practiced their lines and knew every intonation exactly. Corley drank two Red Bulls before the sequence of them rapping on roof and channeled her inner Natalie Portman.

The result was an incredible performance.

Corley Roberts as "Lil hoof" getting up in the 12mm fish-eye

We finished shooting the video start to finish in one epic 10 hour day. It was a great experience and I can't thank everyone enough for being a part of this video.

Click Here's Brian Pierce and Jamie Squires "regulate" alongside Don Prancer

Special thanks to Blake McNay, our talented lighting technician (Blake [at], the Dallas Mavericks Dancers, Calloway's Nursery, Pure Evil Music, our costume designer Kim Linder and of course, caffeine.


Kate said...

so, just watched the it! crazy enough, when the deer is "prancing" in front of houses on goodwin ave. in dallas - i lived in the house on the right for a year! love it!


crackers and cheese said...

I loved this video! Great work everyone. And yes, Corley definitely reminded me of Natalie Portman in this!