Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Still Here, Busy

Hello there, it's Anton. I'm dealing with the guilt of neglecting this blog. Both for your sake (especially if you actually visit this blog in your browser...), but also because it's a great way to chronologically journal the happenings of my life and if I don't write, I have no record of what I've been doing. I've got a bunch of pictures from the last two weeks that I've taken in 2 mega-pixel glory on my iPhone - I'll put those up shortly. If you've been keeping track:

I started prepping a fun directing job (Christmas-themed rap video) that I'm doing for The Richards Group's interactive division "Click Here," then, I went to L.A. to work on my movie More Than It Is. I came back to DFW for one night and then flew to Seattle to go to a wedding and now I'm back in DFW and we shoot the Christmas-themed rap video tomorrow in Dallas. When the video is edited, I'll put the link up here. It should be live and virally spreading across the interwebs by Monday afternoon, December 14.

I've started a new blog, and I'm creating a new that will be something altogether different. I've decided to take my presence on the web even more seriously starting in 2010.

Love you.

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