Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Two Weeks Of Travel, TX to L.A. to TX to WA to TX

It's starts with the bland suburbs of Dallas on a gray day.
Photo of a landmark taken from a speeding rental car.
Striking photo in a copy of Vanity Fair in my editor's condo in Burbank.
The Burbank Airport, small, fast, efficient.
Downtown L.A. in the distance.
Oysters of Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington.
Christmas tree in the lobby of the Suncadia Resort in Issaquah, Washington.
Canon 5D Mark II frames up the wedding rehearsal.
Me in my black Zara suit, with a 5D on a monopod.
My friends crowding into the wedding photo booth.
Volcano out my window.
And then I was back in Dallas-Fort Worth and it was back to work.


kyle said...

speaking of sharp... nice concise post, anton. interested in this 'increased internet presence' you got working up in the new year.

great suit, mon.

Anonymous said...

Your photo booth photo reminded me of a company my brother and his wife used at their wedding called Lensley Automatic. It takes photos like a booth but you don't have to be inside a booth. It shoots right into the room and everyone around can see those posing and the photos as they are taken. At the wedding the machine provided two copies. One for the guest and one to be placed in an alubum for the happy couple. You can find Lensley Automatic on facebook.